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Your Own AEC Tech Advisor

  • Are you trying to implement new AEC technologies into your business operations?
  • Do you want tools/solutions tailored to your specific needs/problems?
  • Do your business processes need to be better, faster, and cheaper?

Specify your industry, your problems, and what you are trying to achieve, and let this AI-powered consultant do the heavy lifting for you!

Or feel free to explore the list we've compiled for you below!

Kristijan Vilibic

Data Analysis

Unlock a new frontier in optimization and efficiency with AI tools that take design analysis to the next level.

Kristijan Vilibic


Integrate, collaborate, and innovate: our curated list of AI platforms streamlines every aspect of AEC workflow.

Kristijan Vilibic

Design Development

Elevate your creative vision with groundbreaking AI tools that transform the design process.

Kristijan Vilibic

Structural Development

Experience the future of structural integrity and design with AI tools that redefine possibilities.

Kristijan Vilibic


Revolutionize your construction projects with AI tools that bring automation and precision to the site.


Discover the next generation of AEC with AI-powered robotics that simplify intricate tasks and elevate accuracy.

Kristijan Vilibic

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Step into the future with Virtual Reality AI tools that immerse you in a world of design possibilities.