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Mastery of Digital® Services / Your One-Stop-Shop for Growth in the AEC Industry

At Mastery of Digital®, we specialize in technical content creation and marketing tailored for the AEC industry.

Our mission is to empower innovative companies with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in the AEC market.

Whether you have a groundbreaking software solution or are looking to make a mark in the construction industry, we have the perfect package for you.

Pricing will be determined after a detailed discussion during our consultation call.

Research / Consulting Package 🔎

Duration: Minimum of 1 month

Description: Comprehensive research of your solution, understanding its functionalities and determining its potential impact in the AEC industry.

Detailed report on how your solution can address and solve challenges in the construction industry.

Technical Writing & Design Package 📝

Duration: Minimum of 1 month

Description: Technical writing services to create a compelling content based on the research provided + graphic design services to enhance the visual appeal.

🔹 White papers

🔹 Technical articles & reports

🔹 Technical case studies & ebooks

🔹 Custom services

Marketing Package 📣

Duration: Minimum of 1 month

Description: Promotion of content across Mastery of Digital® platforms.

🔹 LinkedIn & blog posts

🔹 Newsletter features

🔹 Hosting webinars

🔹 Other services

Partner Program 🤝

For clients who engage with us for a period longer than 6 months, we offer an exclusive Partner Program.

This program provides additional benefits to enhance your visibility and market reach at no extra costs.