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Artificial neural networks for project cash flow forecasting

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Contractors looking to put themselves forward for a project often do so with minimal knowledge of the costs involved and the resources required. This can lead to them undercharging and running into difficulties (such as project suspension later on) or overcharging and missing out on the project entirely. The problem is then compounded by the increasingly complex nature of construction projects.

Artificial neural networks for project cash flow forecasting, is designed to offer a new approach to contractors. ANN (Artificial Neural Network) deployment is an in-depth, highly accurate forecasting tool that’s of particular benefit to contractors as they navigate the often complex nature of the tender stage:

  • Understand the biological inspiration behind the tool and the meaning of neural learning
  • The essential questions that need to be answered to design the optimal neural network
  • The role of the S-curve and how it can be used to describe cash flow during the project and its application in artificial neural networks
The book works through a detailed research example, in which an error cashflow prediction of less than 2.5% was concluded using artificial neural networks.
You will get a PDF (765KB) file

Customer Reviews


9 months ago

Interesting concept

This will need further research but good start on the subject.


11 months ago

New perspective on cash flow

Would love to see this implemented in real life business.