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Project Presentation Template 📄

Project presentation template in Excel for presenting project KPIs, as well as summary of NCR, drawings, inspection request, material submittal, Man hours & Equipment Look ahead.

Automated Gantt Chart in Excel ❎

Non-Primavera users - construction managers, as well as engineering and procurement departments, can utilize Excel to perform schedule scenarios before preparing a baseline, checking Productivity & Resources & trying multiple Scenarios to check the completion date.

Learn How to Connect Primavera P6 - Excel - Power BI 📊

In the realm of Digital Transformation and Building Reporting Automation for projects, the dynamic and interactive S Curve can significantly alter how we handle complex situations.

Integrate Power BI - Excel - Primavera & Timesheet 📈

Develop project dashboards to enhance project management by providing comprehensive, real-time insights and streamlined data integration for informed decision-making.

Primavera Calculation in Excel - Planned Value Cost & Earned Value Cost 💰

A simulated Primavera calculation aimed to create ‘Planned Value Cost’ and ‘Earned Value Cost’ Spreadsheets using a single formula covers more than 274,000 cells in Excel, utilizing a mixed reference technique that combines relative and absolute references in Excel.