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Data Driven Construction is a platform that focuses on revolutionizing the construction industry by leveraging data-driven insights and solutions.

It offers data-powered workflows, process automation, and data integration tools to optimize construction pipelines.

DDC Excel plugin

The DDC Excel plugin offers users a seamless solution to open, access, and process various file formats directly in Excel, eliminating the need to install CAD (BIM) software on their computer.

It simplifies the extraction and manipulation of data from CAD (BIM) files, providing users with a familiar and efficient working environment.

ChatGPT with Revit & IFC | Automatic retrieval of documents and data from projects

With ChatGPT and structured data from Revit and IFC projects - you can easily group data into categories and parameters, creating dynamic charts, dashboards, documents and tables to visualize project data.

ChatGPT and Copilot for Construction Data Management

In the near future, no one in construction will be making queries to the project data model through button clicks in CAD or BIM software interfaces.

Start working with structured information using Pandas and ChatGPT.

AutoCAD DWG Processing with ChatGPT

The secrets of processing, analyzing, and manipulating AutoCAD DWG files without the use of AutoCAD software.

FREE Converter IFC2x3 to Excel/Collada

FREE Converter Revit® 2015-2022 to Excel/Collada

FREE Converter DWG 1983-2023 to Excel

FREE Converter DGN V7-V8 to Excel